Signing Power of Attorney Forms

Understanding the power of attorney forms means understanding the importance of signing contracts for your own safety. There might come a time when you need to have a power of attorney in handy to complete all your transactions. When this time comes, you must keep in mind that filling out such forms requires you to be very careful in appraising the contents of the form. To avoid the common mistakes in completing POA forms, here are some tips that you might find helpful:

  • Be precise with names - a typical error made by many is the misspelling (or misappropriation) of names in documents. For instance, a person whose full name is John Joe Harris might mistakenly indicate his name on the document only as John Harris. This might pose problems in the future, and the legality of the form might be questioned due to the misuse of the name. Remember that supporting documents such as a person’s birth certificate or license are essential for such transactions.
  • Set the limitations and extent of powers - POA forms are usually drafted to make it convenient for the principal to specify preferences, concerns, and expectations on the contract being made. To this, you would want to provide accurate and concise specifications to either limit or extend the powers of your attorney.
  • Discuss with signatories properly - either with a witness or not, you should discuss the contents of the power of attorney document you have drafted with all the signatories involved. This way, you would have a clear understanding of what your contract is all about.
  • Specific lawyers can offer power of attorney templates for free - some jurisdictions might not honor a custom power of attorney, and the treatment of such forms depends on the capacity of the lawyer himself. Lawyers who are registered to create a power of attorney are usually pertained to as attorney-of-fact to distinguish them from those who are practicing law as an attorney-at-law.

Remember that as you write a power of attorney, you make a decision in your life that would affect your future. Sometimes, people tend to neglect that entrusting legal matters through attorney forms in their lives is one way of ensuring their safety. Without the proper legal guidance, you might be facing unpleasant circumstances in the future that would only make your life difficult.

If you have a power of attorney form ready for use, you can be assured that your legal matters would be cared for with utmost security. You must seek the assistance of a capable and trustworthy attorney-in-fact so that you would no longer have any worries when it comes to your activities.

Once completed and notarized, POA forms are binding contracts that signify the agreement of the principal and the agent (attorney) about the legal matters of the granter’s business or any other aspect of life, thus making the documents proofs of all the agreed-upon conditions.